11 ways to celebrate the return of Paige McCullers on “Pretty Little Liars”

Pretty Little Liars returned last week with a bang — er, brain — but as happy as we were to be back in Rosewood, one thing was missing: Paige McCullers (played by Lindsey Shaw). We know, we know, Pretty Little Liars has an enormous cast of recurring characters and it’s impossible to budget in every one of them every week. Heck, half the time the Liars are parent-less and the other half of the time the school is teacher-less. But we did miss our intrepid little bicycle mechanic and are beyond excited about her return to the screen tonight. In fact, we’re so excited we’ve made a list of 11 McCullers-approved ways to celebrate.

1. Sing.

2. Dance.

3. Have a coconut cupcake.

4. Have a swim.

5. Take a ride on your bike.