Heather Morris previews an upcoming scene with Santana from the set of “Glee”

So, is this the end for Brittana? If AfterEllen’s visit to the Glee set yesterday is any indication, it would seem that any hope for a rekindling of romance between Brittany (Heather Morris) and Santana (Naya Rivera) is missing a flame.

“It’s a minefield,” Morris said as she carefully chose her words in explaining where the ladies stand when we next see them together, which is coming up since Morris let it slip they had just been filming together. (The cast is currently shooting the Valentine’s Day episode.)

The actress explained that when we see Brittany and Santana next it’s “more like we were just best friends and she was the only person that kind of stuck with me, and that’s a good message for people to don’t give up on people even if it’s not the right whatever.”

For Morris, she sees the split as a positive thing for Brittany. “It’s good that [Santana] moved on and kind of gave me room to figure it out, because I don’t think that they were great for each other, even though they’re best friends.”

And while Brittany is currently paired with Sam (Chord Overstreet), Morris said there’s a difference in her character that maybe wasn’t there when she was with Santana. “I think Sam kind of gives her more room to just be herself, and that’s a lot of fun. Because I think Santana was just so serious for her that she couldn’t really just be weird. But her and Sam together are just, like, really weird.”

After the panel, we grabbed a few quick minutes with Morris and she added about the next time we see the girls together on screen that, “I think they’re good. I think they’re comfortable with each other and they’re used to each other and they know how each other works. I think they’re fine. We’ll see.”

Do we ever see Santana develop any jealousy or regret at seeing Brittany happy in this hetero relationship? Morris would only say, “You’ll see some stuff. You’ll have to check it out.”

As for what she makes of the buzz in the online world about the end of Brittana, Morris reminded, “I don’t have any social media so I don’t really know much about anything with those things.” She did, however, admit to knowing how fans would react when Overstreet recently stirred up fans. “When I was shooting with Chord, we were doing — and I think this is funny but we were doing a scene where we were in a bedroom and we would goof around and then take pictures and he’d say, ‘They’re going to be so mad at me’ but he would do it anyway because he’s like that. That’s funny.”

One other area that Morris talked about during the Q&A portion was that she is very happy about the infusion of new, younger blood into the show in its fourth season including Melissa Benoist (Marley), who was also present for yesterday’s Q&A. “I think it’s so awesome, because we have so much fun with everybody now. These kids are the best.” She added, “it’s such a group of performers that are all from schools with arts and stuff like that where everybody is used to being in groups and I think it’s awesome. I really enjoy it. And it helps the onscreen chemistry throughout the classroom a lot with just being able to ad lib and have fun and stuff like that.”

While everything seems to be running smoothly for Morris and her on-screen alter ego, she offered up an idea for the writers for where she’d like to see Brittany go post-high school. “I want my character to go to jail. I think that would be the best story ever. She went to jail.”

As to how Brittany might end up in the big house, Morris admitted to not having the details worked up but offered, “There should be an episode where she just raises her head and be like, ‘I have to go to the bathroom’ and then never shows back [up] and you show her later and she’s in jail.”

Glee returns with new episodes on January 24 at 9 p.m. on Fox.