Shag, Marry, or Dump: The princesses of “Once Upon a Time”

When Once Upon a Time made its debut last season, one of the most exciting prospects was that ABC and Disney are one in the same, so the show would legally be able to introduce not just classic fairy tale characters, but also Disney Princesses. Snow White we got right out of the gate, of course, but since then we’ve been introduced to even more live-action versions of cartoon characters we grew up with. So, this week we’re putting three of those Once Upon a Time princess incarnations to the shag, marry, or dump test. Who do you choose between: Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Mulan?


Last week’s Amy Poehlers of the Golden Globes winners:

Shag: Tuxedo Poehler
Marry: Sleeved Maroon Full-Length Gown Poehler
Dump: Sparkly Cocktail Gown Poehler

Tell us who you’re voting for this week in the comments!