Is “Glee” going there with Quinn and Santana?

If you ever want to set a fandom on fire, the most important thing to remember is: A rumor’s worth a thousand facts. Glee‘s lesbian fandom was already burning hot after Heather Morris suggested to a group of reporters last week that Brittany and Santana were maybe really only ever best friends, but things went from “blazing” to “incandescent” over the weekend when the Gleek rumor mill began whispering about this year’s Valentine’s Day episode. Santana is in it. Quinn is in it. Santana and Quinn are together in it. No, Santana and Quinn are together in it, is how the rumored story goes.

I’ll give you a second to let the actual possibility of such a thing sink in.

Bear with me while I try to piece together the rumors for you. I’m as good at decoding fandom shenanigans as Spencer Hastings is at solving murder mysteries. So Glee‘s Valentine’s Day episode, “I Do,” revolves around Will and Emma’s wedding, and apparently all of the Old New Directions and the New New Directions will be in attendance. Last week, a particular Glee fansite, which I am told is a reputable source of spoilers, posted an audio clip of Dianna Agron’s famous, “Well, Quinn could always go gay” interview. The site’s editors then teased that Bob Seger‘s “We’ve Got Tonight” will be performed as a montage by five couples in the episode, five couples who will hook up in their hotel post-Wemma wedding. The ten characters that make up the five couples are: Kurt, Blaine, Finn, Rachel, Marley, Jake, Artie, Betty (Ali Stroker‘s character who is rumored to be into Artie), Quinn, and Santana. Fandom math says the solution to the equation is: Finchel, Klaine, Jarley, Bartie 2.0, and Quinntana.

According to the straw poll I conducted among our AfterEllen staff this weekend, the idea of Quinn and Santana going at each other in a non-slap-fighting kind of way seems equally ludicrous and enticing. On the one hand, we don’t think there’s any way on earth it’ll really happen. On the other hand, we’re embarrassed to say how much we’d enjoy watching it happen. We also all agree that it’d be just like Glee to hook-up Quinn and Santana in the name of equality while really chasing down ratings. (Have you ever noticed how the big girl kisses on Glee always land during Nielsen’s sweeps weeks?) And as an added bonus: It’ll cause the Faberry and Brittana fandoms to eat each other alive, something that would cause RMurph & Co. no small amount of delight, we’re sure.

How would you feel about a Quinntana hook-up?

Editor’s note: This post originally contained a link to the Glee fansite that posted the speculation, but it has been removed due to concerns from the site about traffic and anonymity.