“Lost Girl” Recap (3.02): A Powerful Thirst

Just then Kenzi barges in and is yelling about an alligator, pee, disappearance, underground. You know, normal Lost Girl stuff. Bo runs off to help but not before barking orders at Vex not to touch her girlfriend or risk losing his jingle balls. Girlfriend. That has such a nice ring to it. Let’s say it all together: Girlfriend. I like it.

In a sweaty gym somewhere a tall blonde glass of sport drink of another kind altogether walks in and sees Dyson boxing. She immediately bets $20 bucks against Wolf Boy and I like her already. Then she tells him she’s his new partner and he gets punched in the face. I mentioned I like her already, right?

Meet Tamsin, Dyson’s new Dark Fae partner. Oh, sorry, did I omit to tell you about the Dark Fae bit? It’s some sort of kumbaya workshare program between the two sides. Dyson doesn’t like it, which makes me like her even more. But introduction time is over because they already have an assignment: To track down and eliminate the sewer alligator Fae they think is responsible for snatching humans and Fae alike.

But before they can find gator boy, Bo and Kenzi head underground to find him first. What they find is a hipster Fae (I mean, really, suspenders and a Henley) with his eyes bandaged ripping the head out of a rat. This raw food diet really needs to stop.

Bo and Kenzi stumble into a whole roomful of unsavory folks, and a dead Fae guard who looked like lunch. Before they know it they’re standing in front of gator boy himself. Not that he can see them either because he lost his eyesight, but not his ability to pontificate. He’s a regular Atticus Gator, talking about how he was falsely quarantined and his family killed just so the Fae nobles could sweep their ugly Fae huddled masses under the rug. He seems really sympathetic, if a little long winded, until he locks our gals in a chamber and gases them.

Our detectives, meanwhile, are busy with the fake gator boy and their interpersonal skills. Dyson isn’t sure the wounds are real bite marks. And Tamsin isn’t sure Dyson can work with Dark Fae, or a woman for that matter. Calling out some workplace misogyny. I really do like her.

Luckily, our gals were just sleeping gasses because they wake up in each other’s arms with a cereal-eating Vex (in Bo’s robe, no less) watching them canoodle. He asks how it is for them to finally consummate their marriage after years of latent sexual tension and I laugh, but come on, that’s Lauren’s job. So they give him the pillow lashing her deserves. I still don’t entirely understand why Vex is living with them all Three’s Company style, but at least it’s funny.