“Lost Girl” Recap (3.02): A Powerful Thirst

Just then Dyson strolls into Bo’s bedroom eliciting frowns from gay ladies everywhere. Seriously, you don’t knock? What if that had been a day earlier? You’d have walked in on a marathon electrolyte-depleting session for the ages. Then Tamsin also strolls in, because privacy is a quaint and outdated notion.

Tamsin sizes up Bo and Bo sizes up Tamsin. I’m 1,000 percent on Team Lauren, but that’s kind of hot. Bo comes down to the office and there is the requisite awkward small talk with an ex routine between her and Dyson. Tamsin rolls her eyes to infinity and then gets down to her own interrogation. She accuses Bo of putting a Dark Fae guy into a coma after succu-facing him in an alley. Which, um, she totally did. Bo denies it, Dyson defends her. Guess Tamsin and Bo aren’t going to be besties after all.

Now, as much as I should dislike her for disliking Bo, I have to like Tamsin for disliking Dyson even more. Because her next move is to pour coffee all over his desk. And then she questions his intelligence saying, “Because when God was handing out brains you took a second dick?” Did I say I liked Tamsin? Yeah, scratch that, I love Tamsin.

While Dyson and Tamsin are cementing their love/hate sexual tension (yet another reason to love her – distraction!), Bo gives the guard the love touch and slips out. Meanwhile Dyson and Tamsin are getting chewed out by their boss, some wimpy looking midlevel manager who reminds Dyson the orders come from the Ash himself. Speaking of the Ash, I miss Hale and his abs.

Knowing the po-po will be hot on their hot little tails, Bo and Kenzi are packing for another trip to the sewers when missing friend Aussie wanders in. He acts like nothing happened, then starts bleeding from the nose and eyes which is the universal sign for something bad happened. The consult the Dream Weaver Fae, who is supposed to be helping Bo with her nightmares, to figure out what happened.

Long story short, a bad Fae has been feeding off of humans and Fae alike and keeping them locked away for midnight snacks in an old shipyard. Bo brings them to the police station, but not before Tamsin can slam her against the wall, which, again, I am not hating.

But Bo doesn’t think Atticus Gator did it. The detective’s boss orders them to kill him anyway. Bo escapes, again. Really, letting the same guard who got succu-whammied before watch her? And Tamsin is actually impressed by Bo through her hatred of her. See, those two could totally be friends.

Hale shows up at police headquarters (p.s. His cover story for leaving is winning the lottery) and tells Dyson it may seem harsh, but his orders to relocate the Gator Fae is the most humane way to deal with them. Which, even a guy with two dicks instead of a brain can tell is different than killing them.

Indeed, their boss turns out to be a pied piper who likes to snack on humans and yummy Fae and framed it all on the gators. He’s one of the creepier Fae we’ve seen because mind control plus long skinny Stretch Armstrong fingers are always horrifying. He lures his victims by controlling their eyes. Which sort of doesn’t make sense because he says it’s his music that transfixes them. Still, nice touch by naming him Robert Hamelin, after the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Instead of bringing him to justice, Bo decides another sort of justice is more fitting for him. So they bury him in the sewers with Atticus and his fangs. And it looks like Fae sushi is on his dinner menu.