“Chicago Fire” recap (1.13) “I can dance. You can just watch.”

Previously on Chicago Fire, Severide decided to move the Madrid because his neck is broken and the sweetest way to die would be in the arms of Carmen. Dawson gave Mills the food and wine she prepared for Shay’s big U-Haul party. I know there was something else. Oh right, she also gave him Shay’s ticket to her vagina.  Shay came back to work and also wore a football helmet which made some of us swoon.  

This week’s episode opens with Severide making good use of his inability to work to do all that touristy stuff you never do in your own city. He takes Renee to Skydeck and charges out into the tiny plastic box on the 103rd floor. The floor is transparent and you can see right down to the ground. Or at least I think you can because I couldn’t bear to look. Severide bombs right out over the edge while Renee lingers back for a moment inside the building. He reaches out to her and coaxes her across.

They are roaming around, not a care in the world, talking about miracle doctors and all the tapas they are going to eat in Madrid. They talk about going dancing and Severide is all “I’m from the Brandon Walsh school of manly refusal to dance.” Renee laughs and says “I can dance, you can just watch.”  Every lesbian with a pulse faints dead away because when Sarah Shahi talks about dancing while someone else watches our minds click over, like the changing of a record on a turntable, and the only thought in our minds is this. Everything is perfect in spite of his broken neck and it’s just like that time when Shane and Carmen were so happy and getting ready for their big, fat, Canadian wedding.  

Remember Ernie, the super creepy kid who was maybe setting dumpster fires so he could watch the fire trucks roll up? Well, Ernie is back and he’s calling the Chief from a pay phone which apparently still exist in Chicago. He’s evasive but clearly he’s trying to tell the Chief something but then a black car rolls up with the creepy dude he calls his “uncle” and they drive off.  

A second later the crew is called out to a fire at a hardware store right where Squirrel Nutkin the firebug just was. They pull out one guy who isn’t breathing. When it’s confirmed as another dumpster fire the Chief scans the area for Ernie.

Back at the firehouse, Casey is being super manly by standing on top of the fire truck to fix the broken garage door. Meanwhile, every other person is standing around watching. Shay, smart girl that she is announces that she’s heading in for a little hot chocolate. She catches Dawson’s eye and she also says “Oh yep, hot chocolate. In no way do I mean I am going to have bunk house sexytimes with Shay. Nope, just the hot chocolate.”  

Mills gives her a look and they are all awkward because they saw each other naked and now it’s just weird, especially since Dawson’s about to go get naked with Shay.

While Shawson checks out the hot chocolate some kid shows up with a puppy and says his dad is going to drown it if he can’t find it a home. Mills, steps up and takes it because it’s not enough that Shay dismissed him as being a big, doofy puppy, he has to go and prove it by getting himself a mascot. Dude, I want to root for you, but help me, help you.

When the Chief walks in Shay and Dawson run over to him and hop up and down saying “Hey Dad can we keep him, can we, can we, can we?”

We know Boden’s badass because he could say no to these faces.