“Chicago Fire” recap (1.13) “I can dance. You can just watch.”

Back at the firehouse everyone feels about as you would expect after pulling a dead kid out of a building. The puppy barks and Mills confesses that he didn’t actually find a home for the little guy. Shay nuzzles with the dog and I swear the ovaries on all the ladies in the universe exploded.  

The Chief comes in, picks up the puppy and says they can keep it. Mouch gives up his protest and they decide to name the dog Pouch (half puppy, half couch).

Casey gets a call saying that his mom got paroled and Dawson is all smiles and congratulations until he says that the condition is that mom comes to live with him. Whoops, that really cuts down on the sexy times.

The Chief goes looking for Ernie’s arsonist uncle. He breaks down the door to his apartment, finds cans of gasoline, Ernie’s backpack, and uncle fire maker sneaking out the back. The Chief chases the uncle down, sends him crashing into a dumpster and the two dudes jump out. Uncle Pyro tries to hit Boden with a tire iron but Boden dodges it and uses his boxing skills to kick the snot out of the guy until the cops come and pull them apart.

Boden is in big trouble for all the illegal, but satisfying behavior. Boden’s had enough so he turns in his badge and tells them to call when he’s off furlough. Otis comes to drop off his transfer paperwork as the Chief is leaving.

Severide pulls up to the curb in his muscle car. Shay is waiting for him in the most ridiculous coat I have ever seen. She clearly stole it from a girlfriend who used to race in the Iditarod. Severide apologizes and tells Shay that she’s his best friend and that he should have told her first.  

I borrowed from Clarice who has this season’s whole dead animal collection

She gets teary before saying they should go inside because, you know, despite wearing the skin of fifty seals on her back she’s chilly. Surprise!  It’s a going away party and everyone is there. Since Renee is front and center all the people with eyes tell Severide congratulations, and they totally understand why he’s leaving.

Clarice is there and she’s telling Shay that she knows they are just friends and then Shay kisses her and tells Clarice that she’s in love with her and always has been. Clarice says she loves Shay too and they kiss some more.  

As it was happening I kept thinking “No! What are you doing, Shay?” because we all know Clarice is bad news when she’s not carrying a human but now she’s like hormone-fueled tracker jacker. Clarice is that girl that you know is so wrong for your friend. You just know she’s going to break your friend’s heart over and over but when they are together you have to admit they are really cute. They’re so cute that you wonder if maybe this time it will work out and the Clarice will maybe keep her anti-christ side in check. Ugh. So I am thrilled that Shiri Applebywill be sticking around and that we get sweet lady kisses on the television but I don’t trust Clarice the pocket gay because I think she’s bad news for Shay as only a person you love that much can be.  But I can try to put all that aside if they can bring the sweet ladies kisses each week, because whether you think Clarice is good news or bad news you can’t argue with the chemistry.

Mills and Dawson make out and make a plan to meet up at Dawson’s apartment. Oh they are so sneaky, leaving the party at different times so they can go have super secret sex. Except that Mouch totally knows and they are as sly as the girls who used to leave our dorm before check in to make out with their boyfriends next to the Chapel. They’d saunter in like they were just out getting some fresh air, you know just a little pre-bed constitutional, when everyone knew they were busy playing tonsil hockey in the shadows. Not slick ladies.

Team Jacob!

Severide goes on a spirit quest to find his dad who is a hobo in the woods. He’s regaling his hunting/fishing/possibly homeless buddies with stories of the good old days as a firefighter. Severide skulks through the trees like he’s trying to imprint himself with some werewolves who run around in black jean shorts.  

He tells his dear old dad that he’s off to sunny Spain with Renee and his dad tells him that he’ll be sorry if he gives up on firefighting and stop being such a baby throwing around words like “paralyzed” and “permanent damage”’ like it means anything.  This touching father-son display leads Severide to make a stupid ass decision.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you or Neal or Ephraim but I’ve been so busy hopping trains
and eating at the Whistle Stop Cafe. You understand.

He meets Renee and tells her he’s going to have the surgery, and that he’s not going to Spain with her.  

Stop making this woman cry, ok?

She cries like she got left at the altar by a commitment-phobic, chain-smoking, skateboarding, waif. People, can we try to stop making Sarah Shahi cry.  It’s terrible.  She does it so well that it makes my heart hurt.  I want Severide to stick around, I do, because watching the Severide-Shay-Clarice-baby in one apartment shenanigans is going to be fun. But Carmen/Renee/Sad Clown is too much to take.

The Chief shows up at what we learn is his ex-wife’s house to see his step-son. The ex isn’t going to let him in but he asks in such a way that she can’t say no.  He pats his ex-dog, hugs his teenage son like he might be lost for good, might blow away, if he doesn’t anchor himself to the ground.

The episode ends with Severide being wheeled into surgery with Shay looking on.

Here are some of our favorite #ShaycagoFire tweets. You guys are hilarious. See you back again next week.

What were your favorite moments from this week?  What do you think of Clarice being back?