“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Bad Blood” (9.13)

This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Bad Blood,” picked up right where we left off last time. Constance Zimmerman’s Dr. Cahill is back to “save” the hospital, as she puts it, and to ensure Seattle Grace is running on a tight budget. Last week Dr. Cahill announced she was closing the ER and now this week it is Derek and April’s mission to try and save it.

The staff is busy working hard, so busy that no one is having sex in the on-call room. Which is a good thing since Dr. Cahill placed cameras all over the hospital and everyone is now being monitored. (A Calzona sex tape? Yes please!)

Therefore there are doctors that we never meet who are watching via the cameras. These Big Brother-types chime in through a microphone and offer up their solutions that they believe would save the hospital time and money.

Cristina is not having it and yells at the camera, “Don’t try to be a doctor, Bob [his name isn’t Bob]. Just make sure my idiot interns don’t screw up. Don’t butt in!”

With the news of budget cuts the interns are paranoid that they are going to be fired. (Personally, I wouldn’t miss any of them, would you?)

A new doctor arrives to teach the staff a standardized method on how to care for a hernia.

Now everyone has to compete to see who can do 20 of these procedures the fastest and win a hospital sweatshirt. Sweatshirt aside, Bailey wants to win to ensure that she will keep her job.

Bailey says, in true Hunger Games fashion, “First prize is a fleece! Second prize is a one-way ticket to the curb. They’re making us fight to survive. Tributes, may God be ever in your favor.” (Not surprisingly, Bailey wins.)

Amidst all this competition, Meredith rubs her belly and races out to the hallway. Bailey follows her out and Meredith reveals that she thinks something is wrong with her baby.

Meredith to Bailey, “Something’s wrong, something’s wrong! You’re right. I got comfortable and flip, and the universe is smacking me down for it. I’m not immune. I’m not safe! There’s a flutter. It can’t be right.”

Bailey puts her hand on Meredith’s stomach and reassures her that the fluttering is normal and it’s just her baby kicking inside.

Back inside the classroom Richard refuses to switch his method of operating and confronts the instructor. He is concerned about their patient’s individual care and states, “We’re cogs in an assembly line, churning out product over and over standardized across the country. What are their names? Who are their families? With that kind of volumn, who the hell knows? As long as you slap a sign on the door that says, “Over 10 Million Served,” who the hell cares?”

Dr. Turdface (that’s not his real name) snaps back, “The patients don’t matter!” (Well, aint’ that the truth!)

Meredith tells Cristina that her baby is kicking and Cristina replies, “Jerk!” Meredith retorts, “No, it’s a good thing.” Cristina quips, “Maybe I should kick my intern.” I love Cristina!

Cristina has a difficult challenge this week because she’s stuck with intern Leah, who is acting like a real a-hole, and a young patient that is a Jehovah’s Witness. The patient desperately needs blood, but due to his religious beliefs and his parent’s wishes he’s not allowed to receive a blood transfusion. Which means Cristina will need to perform a bloodless surgery. Leah just can’t comprehend someone choosing their spiritual beliefs over their health so while Cristina isn’t watching she attempts to give her patient blood. Luckily the voice in the security camera yells out and stops Leah. (Dear Leah, Seattle Grace doesn’t need any more lawsuits so cut the crap and listen to Cristina! Love, Bridget)

In the end, Leah doesn’t get in trouble (which I think she totally should have) and Cristina’s patient dies.

Arizona, Callie, and Alex team up to work with a gymnast with a bad attitude. The young lady had both of her hips replaced and is having a serious pity party for one. Neither Callie nor Alex can get this girl up out of bed and moving her new hips so Arizona gives it a try. Arizona lifts up her pants and reveals her prosthetic leg. The unsympathetic patient snaps at Arizona and calls her a “cripple.” (Oh, no she didn’t!) Arizona gets pissed and physically forces the girl to get up and start walking, which she does. Once she’s up and moving a smile comes over the young girl’s face. I would smile too if Arizona’s hands were on me.

After running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get the different departments in the hospital to cut their budgets, Derek and April present Dr. Cahill with a financial proposal that can save the ER. 

Dr. Cahill doesn’t bother looking at their work and states, “I’m sorry. No amount of budget cutting or shuffling is going to save your ER or your hospital, for that matter.”

Just then Owen realizes that Dr. Cahill is staging the hospital to sell it.

Dr. Cahill confirms his suspicions, “The ER is like the shag carpet. It’s got to go.”

At the end of the day Owen shuts the lights off in the OR for the last time and heads out for a drink with Cristina. Back at Casa de Shepherd-Grey, the happy couple lie in bed and try to feel the baby kicking inside Meredith’s belly. It’s an adorable image, but where the hell is Zola?

What did you think of this episode?