“Degrassi” recap: “Ray of Light”

When we return to Degrassi this week, students are just beginning to grapple with Cam’s suicide. Eli, who has always had morbid fascinations of various kinds and who had a former girlfriend die when a car hit her bike, is this week’s focus, and Fiona is determined to help him move forward.

Eli, Jake, and Mo are playing video games when Fiona comes in, unplugs the TV, and tells them she has a film proposal for Eli. His film career is on hold, he tells her, as Clare doesn’t think that working on a zombie film is a healthy idea for him in the aftermath of Cam’s death, but Fiona insists.

This film, she says, will still have people talking about it in 50 years – however, he must agree to do it before she tells him anything more about the project. Eli agrees.

The film, it turns out, is a project for the yearbook, and Clare put Fiona up to it, hoping to distract Eli from his thoughts about being a magnet for death. So Eli goes around the school with a camera, asking people questions about their favorite things they’ve done all year and their biggest regrets and where they see themselves in ten years.

In one clip, Imogen asks why the school administration has decided to barricade the garden. “It’s so miserable,” she says. And in another clip, she and Fiona are shown introducing themselves as girlfriends and then twirling around the Winter Festival. (And then later they’re shown in a section about “Romeo and Jules,” and then Imogen appears once more with Whisperhug – basically, the message I’m getting so far is that our favorite ladies own this school!)

One girl who Eli catches on camera hands him an invitation for a secret party, and he looks it over, intrigued.

When Eli previews the first cut of the film for Fiona, Dallas, and Clare, Dallas notices that Cam has been cut from the hockey section (just like he’s been cut from the opening credits…) and suggests that perhaps Eli should add a tribute in his honor. Fiona disagrees about the tribute idea, arguing that it’s weird messaging, but Dallas wants Cam in the video somehow, so Eli begrudgingly agrees to put him back into the hockey section.

Clare, noticing his hesitation toward working on the film again, asks if he wants her to stick around and help him edit the footage so that he’s not alone for it, but he tells her not to worry. Then, struck by another idea, he suggests that instead, the two of them should go to this secret party, and he’ll deal with the video another time.

Clare turns down the suggestion, not wanting to facilitate Eli avoiding his demons, so Eli enlists Mo and Jake to attend the party with him instead.

Once there, they discover it’s a massive paint party, with everyone running around and splattering the walls and each other with color. Eli accidentally knocks over a bucket of blood-red paint and loses himself in his thoughts for a moment.

The girl who invited him, Talia, spots him and tries to bring him back to the present – with MDMA.

Meanwhile, Katie is grappling with the demons she brought home from Vegas – namely almost sleeping with an older guy in order to fund her Stanford tuition – by hanging out with her sister instead of her friends, and Jenna is giving the awkward and nerdy Connor a chance. Until next week, everyone!