“Last Tango in Halifax” (Ep. 4): Search and Rescue

Teaser: Caroline and Gillian talk about life and cry. A lot. Strangely and sadly, only one of them is gay. Still.

Last time on Last Tango in Halifax, Caroline inched closer to a relationship with Kate, Gillian took in the beat up bloke she’s been sleeping with, and Celia and Alan got themselves trapped in a haunted, creaky old hall. We start up this time with Gillian and Caroline beginning to worry about their elderly parents not showing up for dinner. Or rather, Gillian starts to freak out and wonder if her dad has his heart medication on him and are they okay and what if they’re out in the rain?! And no one takes her seriously until the time really starts to slip away.

Celia and Alan, of course, are spending their time playing cards by candlelight, eating chocolates and talking in bed, trying to reassure themselves that the eerie sounds that keep ricocheting around them are simply the noises that a hall built in the 1500s makes. Alan says he doesn’t believe in ghosts; Celia says, of course not. But she then adds this positively lovely line: “Although, I’ve always thought…there’s more between heaven and Earth than any of us ever know about.” They then contemplate whether that candle on the bedside table was there before.

Cue the creepy music.

Gillian, meanwhile, starts to round up a motley crew at her house, including her recently estranged son Raff and her brother-in-law Robbie, along with two of Alan’s friends, jolly old fellows who occasionally get Alan drunk and who encourage Gillian to report him missing to the police.

Man, are teens angsty.

Old people are the best!

As Caroline drives over to join them, she explains the situation to Kate over the phone. In her typical cool and calm demeanor, Caroline says that she’s sure everything’s fine. She adds a second later: But it’s just that Celia’s eyesight isn’t so good and she normally doesn’t stay out past dark and….Kate assures her that it’s all right to worry. Caroline says, right, so, why did you phone me anyway? Kate starts in nervously. It’s not a big deal anymore anyway, she begins, but since Caroline had mentioned maybe going away for a weekend, she just wanted to see if she was serious. And if she was serious, Kate could maybe start thinking up some ideas and, you know, whatever, no big deal. And stuff.

Caroline seems tired and overwhelmed and clearly once again doubting whatever must have come over her when she suggested going away for a weekend, and asks, “Can we talk about this later?”

Kate’s quick to respond: of course, of course. As if she hasn’t spent her entire evening searching for hotels in Barcelona, daydreaming of what could be, in a world where Caroline stops blowing her off and looks at her and only her with those remarkable blue eyes. Oh, Kate. We’re right there with you.