Vote Now! Round One – AfterEllen March Madness: The Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever

Welcome to the tip-off of AfterEllen’s second annual March Madness tournament! This year we asked you to nominate your favorite lesbian/bi TV/movie characters, and boy, did you ever oblige! We combined your suggestions with our staff suggestions and created what we think is one of our most exciting competitions ever. Just the fact that we have so many lesbian/bi characters to choose from is pretty dang exhilarating.

Here’s how the tournament will work: This round of voting will be open until midnight EST on Thursday, March 21st. You can vote once per hour, every hour, between now and then. The second round will begin on Friday, March 22nd.

Below, you will find the official brackets for our AfterEllen March Madness: The Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever tournament. Round one already features some pretty tough match-ups!

Click here for full-size image. (It will open in a new tab/window.)

Play fair, have fun, and remember that if you axe-murder one of your fellow AfterEllen readers over a fictional characters poll, that’s one less lady you’ll have the opportunity to make out with.