Emily Fields’ 20 Best Sexified Looks on “Pretty Little Liars” Season 3

Last but certainly not least, we have the sexiest of the sexy, Emily Fields. Our sweetest lesbian Emily has been through the wringer on Pretty Little Liars. Spencer gets a death wreath, Emily gets thrown around a greenhouse with glass shoved all up in her hair. Hanna has to bury a cop car, Emily has to bury her girlfriend. Aria mismatches her animal prints and Emily gets drugged and dream-banged by her first love. Well I guess that last one wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened to her. Regardless, 66.6% of the time, if Emily bestows her love on you, you will die. We’re all hoping that Paige McCullers head dips her way into staying Emily’s girlfriend for the duration.

Whether it’s cruising down Main Street in her BEAUTIFUL TOYOTA or mud wrestling with Spencer while sporting an orange jumpsuit, Emily Fields always looks hot hot hot. Here are “Emily’s 20 Best Sexified Looks” to remind you that flannel is your friend.

The “What the What?” Face

The Lesbian Slouch

The Indulgent Gaze

The Sapphic Smirk

The Barbarella Bombshell

The “Hell You Say, Cuz?” Glare

“Shh. I’m Sleeping. You May Have Heard I Killed A Guy.”

The Gold Medal Gawk

The Post-Shower PTSD Debrief

The “I Like Beyonce the Correct Amount” Scowl