Vote Now! Round Two – AfterEllen March Madness: The Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever

Round one of our AfterEllen March Madness: Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever poll was a rousing success! Our readers cast over 600,000 votes for their favorite gay ladies. We received lots of comments and tweets asking us how we could make you choose between some of the greatest characters of all-time, but if you thought round one was tough, wait until you get a load of round two. We’ve got a match-up between two heavy-hitting current fandom favorites in Arizona Robbins vs. Bo Dennis. We’ve got a match-up between two of the most univerally adored lesbian characters of all time in Dana Fairbanks vs. Ellen Morgan. And we’ve got a super-sexy fisticuffs between Thirteen Hadley and Shane McCutcheon.

Like last time, you will be able to vote for your favorites once every hour between now and midnight EST on Tuesday, March 26. Also like last time, have fun and be awesome to your competition!

Click here for full-size brackets. (Will open in a new tab/window.)