“Degrassi” recap: “Karma Police – Part 2”

“Karma Police, Part Two” picks up where last week’s Degrassi episode left off, dealing with the aftermath of the break-in at Fiona’s loft. Drew and Bianca are helping Fiona learn some self-defense moves, with Bianca acting as an attacker that Fiona has to throw off while Drew coaches.

Fiona’s worried about the intruder coming back, especially since he took her computer and now has access to her personal information, but Drew assures her he’ll just have wiped and sold the laptop.

Not convinced that self-defense will cut it, Fiona decides to go back to the police to get “reinforcements” to make sure the intruder is locked up before he can attack her again. Then annoyed with the lack of progress the detectives on her case have made, Fiona approaches the school cop, Officer Turner – who also happens to be the father of fellow student turned co-worker Dave – for help.

However, he too advises her not to worry. “This person took your stuff,” he tells her. “Don’t let him take your life, too.”

Just in time to prevent Fiona from spiraling in her despair over the brush-off she keeps receiving from the police, Imogen hurries over. She presents Fiona with a battery-operated puppy to provide her with more cuteness in her life! I mean, to help keep intruders away! After all, Imogen can’t keep staying over each night, so Fiona will need a replacement for the cuteness and cheer that Imogen has been providing.

At her loft that night, Fiona chats with Mama Coyne via Skype, only to get spooked by random noises after she crawls into bed.

The detectives come, verify that the loft is free of intruders, and as they’re leaving, Fiona jokingly asks if she can borrow a spare gun to protect herself.

As it turns out, she was serious about wanting a gun and decides to visit a shooting range for training on how to shoot one. At the end of the lesson, she feels more in control than she has in a while and opts to purchase a gun for herself.

The clerk, however, explains that she’ll need a possession license in order to own one, which includes taking a course, passing a test, and going through a background test. She just wants to protect herself, she reasons, but the clerk informs her that the law looks down on owning a weapon for self-defense. Looks like American and Canadian gun laws could have quite the interesting conversation.

Fiona finds Imogen at school doing make-up work for Eli’s new zombie film, and tells her about her plan to buy a gun.

“Are you hearing yourself?” Imogen asks, horrified. “They shoot, kill, dead!” But Fiona doesn’t feel like anyone understands how scared she is, and she’s running out of options to feel safe in her own life.

So, she makes what is obviously the best decision available to her and walks up to a group of sketchy looking guys in an alleyway and asks to buy a gun from them. If anyone needs some street smarts, I believe Fiona’s not using hers; she’d probably be happy to lend hers to you!

After verifying how much money Fiona has to “pay” for the gun, the sketchy alleyway guys convince her that they can’t make the exchange so close to the street. She naively follows them far enough back for them to… mug her away from the eyes of the public.

Imogen corners her at school the next day, seeking an explanation of why Fiona avoided her the previous evening. Fiona waves off her injuries – including a large scrap on her face – saying only that she tripped, but Imogen isn’t fooled. She isn’t even mad when Fiona tells her the truth about her alleyway excursion.

In fact, Imogen finally realized how scared Fiona is, and she got permission from her mom for Fiona to stay with Imogen whenever she needs to.

“There was a time in my life when my worst fear was that I would be alone forever,” Fiona confesses, “but this past year has been the best of my life.” After all, in Imogen, she has the best girlfriend in the world!

Fiona gathers her courage and resolves to keep living at her own loft, unwilling to let the threat of intruders scare her away from her own life.

“You’re kind of my hero, Fiona Coyne,” Imogen preens with a kiss. And when Fiona worries that her face might not heal in time for prom, Imogen promises to make her into a zombie queen instead. Best girlfriend ever, indeed!

Meanwhile, in other corners of the Degrassi world, Zig makes good with Maya, Tristan, and Tori for the first time since before Cam’s death, and Alli finally finds out about Dallas’ son, Rocky. She doesn’t freak out, but Dallas also vows that Rocky has to come first from now on, even if that means putting the brakes on their potential relationship.

No hint of when we’ll next see Fiona, Imogen, or Adam this season, but hopefully our two favorite senior ladies will make an appearance or two more before their graduation!