Watch Now! Michelle Shocked on “Piers Morgan Live”

Last night on Piers Morgan Live, singer Michelle Shocked spoke publicly about her March 17 San Francisco concert where she offended attendees and fans with hate speech while on stage. What seems clear from her discussion with Piers is that she hopes to deflect from her homophobic statements by talking about “truth vs. reality” and blaming the audience for “requesting” to hear it.

Confusing? Indeed. She also sidesteps some questions about her having come out as bisexual or a lesbian earlier in her career by saying it was all based on her manager’s making a pass at her, and her refusal of it. Piers didn’t seem too interested in giving her much more time to explain herself once she clarified she wasn’t anti-gay, and that’s likely because he could sense how pained she was in committing to making that statement. The whole thing was just really awkward, to say the least.

What do you think of this Michelle Shocked situation?