“Chicago Fire” recap (1.20): “Buried romantic feelings and unspoken sexual tension”

Previously on Chicago Fire, Casey and Severide screamed “we were on a break” at each other for half an hour because Severide thinks Casey diddled the girl from the copy shop. Mills is trying to become the youngest candidate ever to make to Severide’s team of extraordinary gentlemen who are neither that extraordinary nor gentlemanly. Oh and something else, happened. Hmm, can you help me remember? Oh yeah. Severide said he’d have a baby with Shay. When having a baby seems a bit pricey she thinks about riding the Severide express until Papa Shay swoops in with the cash to get his little girl knocked up. Now who said her parents never gave her anything?

Severide wanders into Central Perk where Casey is tying his shoes and pretending not to see Severide. They do that thing where they look at each other from underneath their brows and try to time it so they look when the other is looking away. Shay bounces in like she’s got a song in her heart and is ready to have a baby in her belly. She’s a couple of animated birds away from being Amy Adams in Enchanted. She plops down on the bench sideways and starts telling Severide about how she got her hormone levels checked and is feeling great, no side-effects whatsoever except for her entire body vibrating like a hummingbird’s wings. She overwhelms him with talk about clinics and duties and then she waves some ovulation pee sticks in his face before she pops up and walks away, high on the thought of her impending morning sickness, bloating, and soul crushing fatigue. Oh, to be someone who has never been pregnant and doesn’t have a fucking clue. Sigh.

Paramedic Candidate Tara Little is trying to bribe her way into everyone’s good graces with a mid-west sized barrel of caramel corn. Otis is nearly as psyched on the corn as he is on the new girl. He tries to make nice with her until Severide walks in and he knows he’s lost. Sorry Otis, I’m as gay as they come but Severide wins every time. He’s just that pretty. They all thank her for the food and she notes that she’s not above bribing people to get what she wants. Foreshadowing alert!

Before they can learn any more fascinating information about her they are called out to an industrial accident. Someone drove a forklift into a stack of stuff and it fell crushing a guy’s legs. Look away, it’s gross. Dawson and new girl check out the crushed guy. Dawson has already noticed the guy’s fingernails are showing that he’s in shock, insert obligatory reference to lesbians and their penchant for noticing fingernail length. Casey and Severide bicker about the best way to get the guy’s legs out from under a heavy beam. Severide hates to lose an argument so he just does things his way. It really is shocking that he’s still single. Cowboy Severide starts to cut the beam with a torch while Dudley Do-Right discovers that there is flammable liquid leaking all over and then everything goes boom.

“Oh my god, he’s going to show me how to hold his torch!”

Mills, quick thinking lad that he is, grabs another beam to help lift the weight off of the crushed guy. Tara almost loses her lunch looking at the guy’s mangled legs. Dawson calms her down and they get the guy out of there. Severide congratulates Mills on his quick thinking. Mills’ Truck counterparts roll their eyes like teenage girls and when they are done packing up they leave Mills behind. Mills doesn’t notice because he and Severide on their third date, talking about what torches are the best, and which are the hottest. I’m not even kidding with that homoerotic chatter. But then his truck leaves and Severide laughs at him and it kills the moment. When he gets dropped off by the Squad truck Otis is waiting with a mop, a bucket, and instructions for Mills to clean the bathroom. On the job hazing, what could go wrong?