Portia de Rossi’s 10 best “Arrested Development” moments

5) Her hotness

Lindsay: I’m going to see if I can get a wrench to strip my nuts. [Everyone stares at her.] I was trying to be sexy, it just got away from me.

Lindsay: You know what? I’m going to throw on a skirt, take off my underwear, and make your Pop-Pop proud!

4) Her nurturing nature

Lindsay: No, you’re not going to that. You see, if I show up with you, it’ll just make me seem like I’m a mother.
Maeby: I’ve never thought of you that way.

Michael: You know, instead of competing with Tobias, why don’t you try just spending a little bit more time with your daughter?
Maeby: Why? Is Tobias doing that?

3) Her altruism

Lindsay: There’s a cream with real diamonds in it. I can actually smear diamonds on my face, and it’s only $400 a tub! That’s like, what? A million diamonds for $400? A million fucking diamonds!

2) Her moral compass

Lindsay: Well, they expect a certain amount of theft, Michael. It’s built into the price. If I didn’t take it, then people would be overpaying for nothing … It was shoplifting, and I’m white, I think I’m gonna be OK.

1) Her chicken dance

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