Vote Now! FINAL FOUR – AfterEllen March Madness: The Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever

Welcome to the AfterEllen March Madness: Best Lesbian/Bi Character Ever Final Four! Representing this round are two American TV characters, one Canadian TV character, and one British TV character! Or, adding up with slightly different math: One half-Canadian/half-British actress! One fully English actress! One half-Filipino/half-Scottish actress hailing from Canada! And one half-Puerto Rican/quarter-African American/quarter-German actress hailing from Southern California!

This competition has been a celebration of how far the lesbian/bi community has come in terms of media visibility. Five years ago, we didn’t have enough characters to fill up these brackets. Today, we have hundreds of characters vying for 64 spots, millions of votes cast on behalf of your favorites, and our Final Four has landed us with a wonderfully diverse group of characters and actresses. What a remarkable thing we’ve accomplished here!

In that spirit, let’s play fair and spread lots of love to each other in the Final Four.

Voting update: Due to complaints from our readers about poll hacking, we have re-set the polls and switched to a different poll provider. As I mentioned during the last round, we have an internal poll system in the works, but it is not quite ready to be launched. So, for the time being, these are the best resources available to us. Let’s all try to be awesome and fair and not fun-sponges. This is a friendly competition. These polls will be open until Tuesday, April 9th at 10:00 p.m. EST.

Click here for full-size brackets. (Image will open in a new tab/window.)

Voting for Final Four is now closed.