Watch now! “Warehouse 13” recap: Single brunette female seeks same for hologram play and rope tricks

Have you ever wondered why so many lesbians are so smitten with Warehouse 13, but couldn’t figure out how to get caught up with the fantasy procedural’s Sapphic delights? Well, Syfy feels you. To whip us into a fever over the rest of season four, which premieres on April 29, they’ve created a five-minute video recap of the entire series, narrated by Joanne Kelly with special guest appearances by Jaime Murray.

“Single brunette female seeks same for hologram play and rope tricks” is definitely my favorite description of Myka and H.G.’s relationship. Also, I like your dirty little tight-rope joke, Syfy! More of that, please!

Now that you know the setup of the story, if you’re interested in watching only the H.G./Myka episodes, I’ve made a quick list for you, which you can marathon on Netflix, if you want.

Episode 201 — “Time Will Tell”

Episode 207 — “For the Team”

Episode 209 — “Vendetta”

Episode 210 — “Where and When”

Episode 211 — “Buried”

Episode 212 — “Reset”

Episode 301 — “The New Guy”

Episode 305 — “3 . . . 2 . . . 1”

Episode 311 — “Emily Lake “

Episode 312 — “Stand”

Episode 401 — “A New Hope”

Episode 407 — “Endless Wonder”

Episode 408 — “Second Chance”

Are you excited about H.G. Wells’ return to Warehouse 13?