“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “She’s Killing Me” (9.20)

Welcome to Grey’s Anatomy “She’s Killing Me.” (With that episode title, this installment should be a doozy.)

Last week’s show ended with Meredith asking Bailey to test her and Zola in her genolab. This week the results are back. Bailey tells Meredith that “yes” she tested positive for “more than one of the genetic markers for Alzheimer’s.” Now that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll ever get Alzheimer’s, but Meredith is still prepping for the worse case scenario. Meredith insists that she and Derek update their wills, which is actually a good thing because if something happens to the McDreamys, Lexie is listed as Zola’s guardian.

Meredith thinks Cristina would be a great guardian for Zola and “fetus,” yes that’s what she’s calling her unborn baby.

Not surprisingly, Cristina would rather be a fun aunt who takes Zola and fetus to get their first tattoo rather than be a mommy-figure. Cristina even offers to take the kids traveling and teach them how to “put a condom on a cucumber.” (Thankfully, I’m allergic to cucumbers.) With an official “no thanks” from her soul mate, Meredith now has to decide which one of Derek’s sisters should be her children’s legal guardian if anything should happen to her and Derek. (I vote for Neve Campbell’s Lizzie character.)

Bailey has intern Leah on her service this week and she is driving Bailey crazy. Not only does she get pizza sauce on Bailey’s computer (not cool) but also it appears as though Leah has infected Bailey’s patients. More on this later…

Now that there are new hospital owners it seems as though there are new projects popping up everywhere. Owen has created a program to assist Syrian doctors who are trying to tend to patients in a war zone. Our doctors work alongside these miracle workers and try to figure out ways for them to treat patients with extremely limited supplies.

Sometimes the Syrian doctors have to operate in the dark with only a flashlight because their electricity constantly goes out. One of the Syrian doctors asks Callie how he should hold a patient down while he is doing a painful operation with no anesthesia. Callie’s answer? Duct tape. (This storyline is so bleak.)

Meanwhile, Owen is still playing Mary Poppins with last week’s Ethan, a child with both parents in critical condition at the hospital.

Owen keeps convincing the staff to keep Ethan at the hospital with him rather than let the boy go off to social services where he’ll wait for a relative to care for him. Last week, Ethan’s mother woke up after having brain surgery and didn’t recognize her son but this week she not only remembers him but she’s on the road to recovery. Ethan’s father still hasn’t awakened after his surgery but I have a feeling that if he never wakes up Owen will try and fill this guy’s shoes. Father’s Day is just around the corner. Coincidence?

Two of Bailey’s former patients arrive at Grey Sloan Memorial and they are sporting some gnarly infections. Intern Leah realizes that when she originally treated these patients she was sick. Rather than staying home Leah worked at the hospital so she might have infected these patients with whatever disease she had. Bailey is livid and is about to behead Leah when a third patient shows up with an infection. The hospital staff is taking this outbreak very seriously and Leah now has to go back and find every patient she touched while she was sick. The infection is so out of hand that one of Bailey’s patients dies. It looks like Leah will be fired but then she realizes that she didn’t work on all three patients, only Bailey did. What does this mean?

In other news, Shane is still battling (with himself) to be Derek’s number one intern. Shane is running around like a chicken with his head cut off, getting coffee for Derek and checking in on patients he’s not even assigned to. In the end Derek tells Shane to pick another specialty because he’s just not cut out for neuro, at least not like intern Heather is. (Burn!)

Since April hasn’t made enough questionable mistakes in this series, she decides to steal supplies from the hospital and give them to the Syrian doctors to take back with them. Yes, it’s a nice gesture, but these are not April’s supplies to give. (Remember when April was fired and Owen tracked her down at her family’s pig farm? This show is nuts!)

Continuing with April, her boyfriend Matthew is still in the hospital and he wants April to meet his mother. This would usually be ideal for April but she decides she has to come clean first and tell Matthew that she’s not a virgin. Matthew is upset but he claims it’s more about the lying than anything else. Therefore April doesn’t meet Matthew’s mother, and it seems like it’s the end for these two G-rated medical professionals. Paging Dr. Avery!

Speaking of Avery, the staff views him as the hospital’s ultimate decider. People are pitching him their medical proposals left and right. Avery reminds everyone that if they want to get a program funded, they must submit it in writing and go through the proper channels to get it approved.

At the McDreamy’s camp, Meredith is still planning for the her death and the future of her orphaned children. To put things into perspective, Derek gets his own genomap. He finds out that his future could hold liver cancer, prostate cancer, heroin addiction and/or he could suffer from male pattern baldness. Togethere they laugh at their unknown future medical misfortunes and agree to take their lives day by day.

Back to the most pressing storyline, Bailey seems to be in serious trouble now that numerous patients have been infected. Bailey is devastated that she lost one of her patients. She wants to go and tell the husband the sad news about his wife but the staff tells her to stop in her tracks. Bailey is told to sit down so they can contact the hospital lawyers to figure out how to proceed with this PR catastrophe. As Bailey stands in the conference room surrounded by her peers and the new owners of the hospital we get the distinct feeling that Bailey might be fired because of this unfortunate event. They can’t fire Bailey, right? I mean, she’s Bailey!

What did you think of this episode?