Join Us Tonight as We Live-Chat with Lucy Lawless on Twitter!

One of the best, most feminist things happening on TV this year is the Jane Campion-penned and -directed mini-series Top of the Lake, which airs its two-part finale tonight on the Sundance Channel. The New Zealand-based story follows Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss), a big town cop who is trying to solve a brutal small-town rape/murder, and running up against entrenched sexism and victim-blaming hooligans at every turn. The series also includes a guest starring role for our favorite Kiwi, Lucy Lawless.

Tonight, we’re partnering with Sundance Channel to host a live interview with Lucy Lawless on Twitter. Starting at 8:00 p.m., we’ll be asking your questions to Lucy on Twitter, and she’ll be replying with her usual wit and candor. Here’s how to participate: If you have questions for Lucy, tweet them to @afterellen and @reallucylawless using the hashtag #TopOfTheLake. (If you can’t fit that all into one tweet, at least you make sure to get our AfterEllen Twitter handle in there. I’ll be monitoring the tweets in real-time.) Many of our readers (and writers) have already weighed in with questions, but there’s still time left to ask yours. So, hit us up!

Not sure what to ask? Here are a few questions that are already in the hopper to get your brainstorm going:

Here are the Twitters you need to know for the chat: AfterEllen (@afterellen), Lucy Lawless (@reallucylawless), and the Sundance Channel (@sundnacechannel). See you tonight at 8:00 EST!