“Rizzoli & Isles” Out-Gays Itself with Season 4 Promo Poster

Remember when TNT released the season one Rizzoli & Isles promo poster and we all snickered about, “What are you gonna do with those handcuffs, Jane Rizzoli? Hmm?”

Well, now we know. Last night, TNT gave us the official season four promo poster.

You know why TV shows and movies handcuff their leads together? To convey underlying sexual tension that has no choice but to manifest itself in so much doing it. For example:

And also:

Good grief, even ABC Family knows handcuffing people on a promo poster leads to sexual shenanigans. Look here at Clarissa explaining it all to A.C. Slater about how they’ll be canoodling by Christmas Eve.

So keep telling us how Jane and Maura are just friends and we’ll be over here all:

I mean, “Bound for life?” Seriously? COME ON.