What is Arizona Looking at in the New “Grey’s Anatomy” Promo Photos?

When the promo photos from this week’s Grey’s Anatomy surfaced online yesterday, I could not stop thinking about what in the world Arizona is staring at so intently. I know, I know, the real thing I should be worried about is that Master of Destruction Shonda Rhimes has rewritten the finale in an all-bets-are-off kind of way that even Jessica Capshaw (whose character very nearly died and also lost a leg in last season’s finale) called “heartbreaking.” But whatever. I’m in denial about that. The main thing that’s bugging me is: What is Arizona swooning at in these photos?

Can I be honest with you? I think she’s watching TV. I think she’s getting caught up on all the lesbian shows she hasn’t had a chance to watch because she’s always so busy saving lives and stuff. I think what she’s looking at is this: