The Dateability Index: How Do Your Favorite Lesbian/Bi Characters Rate?

Did you know our brothers at AfterElton are now our brothers at The Backlot? Yep! New name, new design, same awesome content. In fact, just yesterday they posted a Dateability Index for many of the gay TV characters currently wooing them on the small screen. Of course that inspired us to do the same thing.

Below we have listed lots of your favorite current lesbian/bi characters and measured their dateability on a scale of one to five Emily Fitches.

The Gold Standard

Practically perfect in every way.

Anne, Go On

Pros: Whip-smart successful lawyer, loyal and empathetic friend, can rock a power suit, very fond of books and boobs.

Cons: Still working through grief over wife’s death, has no qualms about correcting your grammar.

Dateability Rating: 3.5 Emily Fitches — Take it slowly; she startles easily.

Betty McRae, Bomb Girls

Pros: Hard worker, natural leader, swagger for days, would kill a preacher for you or punch a bunch of layabouts in the face, likes her whiskey straight.

Cons: Speaking of straight, she’s kind of sort of maybe hung up on her best friend.

Dateability Rating: 4.5 Emily Fitches — When she commits, she commits. Woo her with strawberries.

Bo Dennis, Lost Girl

Pros: Melt-your-brain gorgeous, backs up her protective streak with kung fu skills, superheroic crime fighter.

Cons: Insatiable (no, really) sex drive, big time family baggage, almost always getting killed.

Dateability Rating: 2 Emily Fitches — It won’t be safe for your body or your heart, but your short-lived relationship will be sexy as hell.