New “Pretty Little Liars” Promotional Poster Reveals Red Coat is Everybody

One of the best parts about ABC Family’s production/viewing schedule is its consistency: 12 episodes on, 12 episodes off. None of this broadcast network garbage about three new episodes followed by an eight-week hiatus followed by two new episodes followed by a six-week hiatus followed by sweeps weeks followed by ZZZzzzz. And what makes Pretty Little Liars especially great is that during the twice-a-year, three-month break, filming is usually going down which means that loads of photos and teasers and clues and general shenanigans fall daily on Twitter like manna from heaven. Why, just yesterday, ABC Family released the official promo poster for season four. Get a load of this:

Dude. Everyone is Red Coat.

Other stray observations: They’re standing on another fresh grave, this is the best Aria has ever matched in all her whole life, hey Emily’s legs!

ABC Family also released some “new” season four promo photos, but I’m pretty sure these things were just lying around somewhere because everyone’s wearing season three clothes and season three hair. I’d recognize that PinkDrink t-shirt anywhere. I’m including them because I’d just like to point out how committed Shay Mitchell has become to properly portraying the Lesbian Slouch.

But wait! There’s more! Pretty Little Liars‘ official Facebook page also dropped these doozies on Monday and Tuesday:

So one of the secrets Emily has been keeping is, um, her décolletage? All righty then.

We’re now officially less than eight weeks away from the season four premiere. I can hardly wait!