“Pretty Little Liars” Spin-Off Will Include Every Lesbian’s Favorite Hobo

For a boy without a home, Caleb Rivers sure does have a lot of homes. From Hanna’s basement to Hanna’s shower to Lucas’ sleeping bag to the school library to Monticeto to Uncle-Dad Jaime’s barn a cupboard under the stairs, the hobo with the beautiful hair has lived in a dozen places since he came to Rosewood, PA. And now he’s about to have a whole new home. Yesterday afternoon, ABC Family announced that Tyler Blackburn is heading to Ravenswood, the Pretty Little Liars spin-off that will land after this year’s Pretty Little Halloween Spectacular. Apparently, he’ll continue to be a big part of the summer season before journeying to Ravenswood (Pop. 7,493) during the Halloween special. The press release makes it sound like he’ll even be popping up in Rosewood from time-to-time in the winter season too.

“But you’re the only one I like! Toby can’t keep his damn shirt on, and Ezra is our teacher, man!”

Fan response to the announcement has been mixed. Approximately 73 percent of Hanna/Caleb shippers threatened to burn down the planet after hearing the news, while precisely 100 percent of lesbians wondered if Mona will seize this mournful opportunity to get into Hanna’s pants like she did on the Halloween Express last year when she dressed like Mona dressed like Ali dressed like Caleb dressed like the Phantom of the Opera and danced all up in Hanna’s business. Our AfterEllen crew has always held Caleb quite dear. He’s very understanding about Hanna’s PinkDrink-ing ways. He’s the very best lesbro to Paige McCullers. And unlike other boyfriends in Rosewood, his own personal drama never takes Hanna out of the central shenanigans of the show.

In honor of his long trip to Out of Town, let us all raise our voices to the tune of Dana Piccoli‘s “Beautiful Hobo.”


What do you think of the news that Caleb is heading to Ravenswood?