Watch Now! Lily Loveless Counts Down Her Top Five “Skins” Moments

Bollocky wankshite! Skins official YouTube channel has released Lily Loveless‘ countdown of her top five Skins moments! (Spoiler alert: Her favorite is a Naomily scene. Celebrities, they’re like us!)

If you missed Kat Prescott‘s countdown, I’ll just leave it right here.

At this point, it seems ridiculous to try to feign professional decorum about Effy and Naomi and Emily’s return in Skins Fire. I’m so excited, I need some cider oblivion to calm down. But in the interest of being at least a little mildly competent, I can tell you I’ve got some Skins Fire interviews lined up, and I expect I’ll be able to bring you plenty of sneak peeks and exclusive information in the days ahead.

Are you psyched beyond measure for the new season?