The new “Skins Fire” promo photos will set your heart aflame

We’re only a couple of weeks away from the final season of Skins, which includes, of course, a two-episode mini-movie called Skins Fire that follows Naomi and Emily and Effy around London as they try to not fall victim to the shit luck that causes everyone else in the series to get hit by cars or smashed up by baseball bat-wielding mental health workers. Yesterday, E4 released a glorious handful of photos from Skins Fire, and just looking at them will probably cause your heart to burst into flames.

“I’m Effy Stonem. Nobody breaks my heart.”

“Well, nobody except the person I love who is in this hospital room fighting the Skins Death Plague.”

“You seem like just the kind of rich white guy I could make a lot of bad decisions with.”

“You there, lesbians, thank you for being brave and wanting us back.”

“In all the post-series four fanfiction I read, we were making out in kitchens, not sitting around in them looking forlorn.”

“Yes, it is me, the lesbian dominatrix from Sherlock, here to accommodate your aforementioned fanfiction needs.”

Stay tuned for an interview with Lily Loveless and Kat Prescott and, of course, full recaps of the coming madness!