Watch now! Naomi and Emily hug it out, break your heart all over again in the “Skins Fire” trailer

The full Skins Fire trailer is here at last, and gird your souls, muff monkeys, because it looks like Naomi and Emily are going to break our souls into a million pieces all over again.

It’s cool, you guys. I actually like for my heart to be shattered. In fact, here, I’m just going to take a baseball bat (still too soon?) to my own feelings and beat the shit out of them.

I love you.

I love you so much…

…it’s killing me.

I interviewed Lily Loveless and Kathyrn Prescott (and snagged some never-before-seen photos) this morning, so look for that tomorrow, and I’ll be speaking to Skins Fire writer Jess Brittain early next week. I’m also working on getting you guys an exclusive clip, so stay tuned. In the meantime, let’s hold hands through the cat flap and try to stay alive. Fire premieres on E4 on July 1st at 10:00 pm.