Sarah Silverman brings her magic to MTV

Comedian Sarah Silverman (Jesus Is Magic, The Sarah Silverman Program) will host the upcoming MTV Movie Awards on June 3 in Los Angeles.

Apparently, a Higher Power (no, not the show’s Executive Producer, Mark Burnett) is behind the decision. Silverman said, “The other day I sat down too hard and sprained my labia majora; I’m OK, but I took it as a sign from God to host the MTV Movie Awards.”

Silverman also told reporters just a little about her extensive preparations for the hosting gig. “I’m getting ready, I’m exercising every day, and I do 10 push-ups, I do eight sit-ups, and then I rinse off. … I want to go just a little bit too far. I’m training for this the way what’s-her-face trained for T2.”

Known for her blue streak, Silverman is an interesting choice to host the ceremony which will be televised live for the first time this year. About this, Silverman said, “I mean, I’m not a big swearer or anything, but I still seem to say things that you can’t say on basic cable, so … we’re gonna have to have, like, a plan.”

My plan is to watch the show. I’m a latecomer to the Silverman party (I just saw Magic last month and only caught a couple of episodes of TSSP), but I’m already hooked. And if there is any way to add some gay subtext to any of the categories or aim some lesbian innuendo at any of the female nominees (who have yet to be announced), I think we can count on Silverman to do it.