Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (May 11, 2007)

The good news for Blood Ties fans is that Lifetime has picked
up nine more episodes
of the Christina Cox-led sci-fi series. The bad news is that they won’t air until October — the series will take a break during the summer after Episode 12 (the 13th episode will air with the other nine in the fall).

You can tell a show is a hit when there are multiple fan videos online after only a few episodes have aired.

Yeah, I’m still trying not to be bitter that this ended up in the TV pilot boneyard.

You know what show doesn’t have any fan videos online? Painkiller Jane. Not a great sign. Another bad sign? We’ve decided to stop recapping the show.
It’s just too painful to watch anymore, let alone
recap. I’d say we’re sorry to see it go, but who are we kidding? The
only reason to watch that show is to see Kristanna Loken running around in hot
outfits kicking some ass.

But even that’s not worth sitting through lines such as: “You’ve gotta understand by now, you can’t stop fate. No one can. It’s like a living thing. It swallows us all into darkness.” Which sadly, also describes this show.


Next week is the annual upfronts, when the networks (and some cable channels) announce which current shows are being renewed, and which new shows are being picked up for next season. Right now, based on the buzz in the industry, it looks like ABC’s Cashmere Mafia (a drama about four successful female executives, one of whom falls for another woman) is the only new series with a leading lesbian/bi character that’s going to make the cut (there are three other pilots in the running with prominent lesbian/bi characters — Hackett, The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud and Traveling in Packs — but none are looking likely to get picked up). We’ll update you next week, when the announcements are made.

As we’re all painfully aware, there are no current network TV series with regular or recurring lesbian/bi characters. Unless you count the mayor and her partner on Friday Night Lights (which just got renewed – yay!) who pop up for a minute or two every few episodes to cheer at a football game.

Oh well, at least we have Ellen and Rosie to represent lesbians on daytime network TV … Well, we have Ellen, anyway.