“Defiance” recap (1.11): Tough Shtako

Previously on Defiance, Stahma let Keyna into her secret space (of poetry and of clitorises) and things got real sexy and real complicated real fast. While Amanda was down with the plague, Datak — guided always by Stahma’s hand — managed to thwart a hostage situation and cure everyone’s ailments and make a play for becoming mayor. Alak Tarr and Christie McCawley got married at a beautiful ceremony that Christie actually got to experience because Stahma crafted her a veil instead of forcing her to wear the traditional Castithan iron mask of bridal blindness. Datak didn’t like the wedding because Datak doesn’t like anything besides being constantly blown in the bathtub because Datak thinks everyone is out to steal his thunder in all ways at all times forever and ever. Oh, and Mayor Nikki was totally an Indogene in disguise and her main deal in life was to track down the Kaziri, which she did, and then Doc Yewell went ahead and murdered her for it.


Election time is finally upon us and Datak is just grossing it up everywhichway. First, he interrupts Amanda’s eulogy for Mayor Nikki — which, by the way, she delivers sitting on the bar at the Need/Want looking more fly than any person in the apocalypse should be allowed to look — to announce that if he’s elected mayor, he plans to align the town with the Earth Republic. He’s in their pocket, obviously. He wants those mines and the Earth Republic says they’ll cut him in on a share of the money when they take over Defiance. Now all he needs to do is discredit Amanda and make a mockery of the independence she uses to govern this town. If only there was a hotheaded lawkeeper linked inextricably with her public image that Datak could goad into doing something stupid.

Oh, wait.

Stahma is just hangin’ at the Need/Want, gettin’ ready to get her six-legged monkey crawl on with Kenya. But something’s wrong. Kenya’s working her way down Stahma’s neck and Stahma’s like, “Nope.” And Kenya’s like, “OK, but this totally gets you going.” And Stahma is like, “Usually, yes, and, again, it is a fucking pleasure to be with someone who cares, but I’m pretty sure my husband is going to kill your sister because it’d really destroy his brand to be bested by a woman.” But she also happens to hint that Kenya is just a hooker and so she couldn’t possibly understand these kinds of non-whore concerns, and lordy, lordy, it’s a chargeblade right to Kenya’s heart. Stahma feels legitimately shitty. Kenya is sustaining her soul but Datak is sustaining her actual physical life. She apologizes and dashes.


Kenya runs right to Nolan and Amanda and tells them a client gave her reliable information that someone’s going to off Amanda at the town square debate. Also of course: Amanda is like, “Frak it, I’m debating anyway. Nolan, you’ll just have to protect me.” And Nolan does protect her. During the debate, he spots a Castithan teen with a gun aimed right at Amanda’s head and so he kills him, no questions. Shoots him right in the face.


Except, whoops, the Castithan teenager only had a paintball gun. I mean, obviously Datak Tarr hired him (via a publicly shamed Alak) to pretend to shoot Amanda so that Nolan would shoot him so that Datak could be like, “Look at this loose cannon lawkeeper and the bitch who gave him a badge and a gun!” But it’s actually one step worse than that. The Earth Republic has armed Datak with Nolan’s military record and plenty of recorded testimony of him getting racist about aliens back during the Pale Wars. Nolan decides the best thing he can do for Defiance, and for Amanda, is to skip town.