A new kind of maintext: Are WAREHOUSE 13’s Bering and Wells the new Mulder and Scully?

If Fox had pulled the plug on The X-Files before Mulder and Scully’s first real kiss in season seven, would they still be considered one of the greatest couples in TV history? Of course they would. If NBC had called it quits with The Office before Jim confessed his feelings to Pam at the end of season two, would we have doubted their love for one another? Not even a little bit. Sam and Diane, David and Maddie, Chuck and Sarah, Jack and Kate, Booth and Brennan, Luke and Lorelai. No matter where their stories ended, they were always going to live on in our imaginations as characters who were desperately in love. No questions. No doubts. They didn’t need to say it because we saw it.

But what if any of those pairings had been comprised of two women? Would we have written them off as good buddies? Would we have labeled them “subtext” and shelved them with Xena and called it a day? Or would we have delighted in a will they/won’t they dynamic charged with sexual tension, fraught with misunderstandings, strewn with an obstacle course of doubts and hopes and fears, and layered with story after story that proved they were so much more than just friends?


Well, it’s not a hypothetical question anymore because Warehouse 13 has given us a new kind of maintext in HG Wells and Myka Bering — and after tonight’s season four finale, Syfy has granted the show only six episodes to wrap up the entire series.

Warehouse 13 has long existed in a place of fandom purgatory. Unlike, say, Rizzoli & Isles, or Glee, or Once Upon a Time — all of which feature fandom-favorite pairings that the writers and actors insist are super-straight friends played by people who just happen to have good onscreen chemistry — Jaime Murray and Joanne Kelly have never been shy about saying that their characters are in love, nor have they shied away from playing HG and Myka as two women who are deeply smitten.

The story goes that when Jaime Murray was watching on-set playback of her first episode as HG Wells, she told the writers she thought Myka was more HG’s type than Pete. At Comic-Con in 2011, Jo Kelly told the panel that HG and Myka “fell in love a little bit.” She also told a red carpet interviewer that the the romance in Myka’s future was “only with HG.” At Comic-Con in 2012, Kelly again told the audience, “Myka will always love HG.” And again on the red carpet, she said “We’re in love!” to an interviewer who asked about HG and Myka’s chemistry. When co-star Eddie McClintock added “In a non-scissoring way,” Kelly corrected him: “Definitely scissoring … Why does everyone always think, ‘When are Pete and Myka gonna get together?’ What an interesting twist, to have Myka fall for a woman.'”