“All My Children” recap (June 8-12): Sisters, Sisters

It feels like forever since we’ve seen Bianca Montgomery’s shining face. Oh, that’s because it has been!

This week’s episode brings Binx back to us, and also a special surprise that literally had me gasp with delight.  All My Children is rounding out their first crop of filmed episodes soon, and hopefully the next go around will include some juicy bits for Bianca.  Maybe even a little romance? A girl can dream, can’t she?  In real life, Eden Riegel is expecting her second child (congrats!) so time will tell in what capacity she will be continued to be involved with AMC.  On with the show!

Brooke’s interview with Dr. David caused a sensation for her media company Talk Tempo, and Dmitri seems to be moving in on Ms. English.  It always starts with champagne at lunch, Brooke.  Colby continues to be the worst, and tortures Celia with details of her romp with Pete.  After some serious sleuthing, the charred remains of “Uri” were identified as his brothers and Zach was freed of all charges. Later, he and Lea freed themselves of their pants.  Jesse is in some series trouble, as all signs of a cover up are pointing towards him.  Not to mention, Uri has threatened to come after his family. Worst of all though, Dr. David is hugging Angie a lot and that’s really pissing Jesse off.

Cassandra is out of the woods health wise, but the emotional wounds will take considerable more time. She is pregnant from her horrific experience with the traffickers, and Dixie is trying to guide her though.  JR who is now strong like bull, is running around the Chandler Mansion like the Energizer Bunny.  It’s amazing what a lil’ human growth hormone will do for a guy.  He’s brought Cara’s mother and son to live at the mansion, and all they have to do is change their names, hide their identities and live in fear that David will find out. No big deal.  Heather and AJ continue to grow closer, but it’s clear that his heart is with Miranda. He and Miranda tickle fight at Jane’s Addiction and it makes everyone uncomfortable, including me.

Miranda is feeling a little lost and alone. She’s also dealing with an emotion she’s probably never felt before: jealousy. She calls her mom, whose trip to DC has turned her into one of those Rosewoodian type of parents who are always “out of town.” Bianca tells Miranda that she may not be very reachable for a while.  Miranda’s face sinks and my heart hurts for her a bit.

Miranda phone

She needs her mom right now, but she’s too afraid to say so. Bianca’s all cryptic, and standing in front of a teal wall.

Bianca Teal

Binx tells Miranda that even though she is possibly in some sort of Sherwin Williams Chamber of Bright Colors and Secrets, she loves her and will always be there if she needs her.  Miranda is confused and hurt, and seems to be shutting herself off from needing her mother.  Oh Bianca, don’t you get it?  She’s still a kid.  They hang up and Bianca brings a handful of pills to someone.

Bianca pills

As the camera pans up, we see that someone is … HOLY SHIT IT’S KENDALL!!!!


I actually screamed with delight when I saw Alicia Minshaw’s curly haired, perfect head. Kendall has a scar on her chest and is looking a little worse for wear. She tells little sis Binx, that she should go back and be with her daughter. Bianca, stuck in a perpetual cycles of self doubt and guilt tells Kendall that maybe her being gone is the best thing for Miranda. She feels responsible for all the teasing and bullying Miranda has experienced, and thinks it’s worse when she’s around.  Kendall tells Bianca that she is talking crazy. She’s a wonderful mother and her daughters are lucky to have such a kind, loving, fawn/human hybrid of a mother.

Bianca pleads with Kendall to tell Zach about her health problems, but Kendall shuts that notion down right quick. Kendall is totes finished with Russian mobsters, they are so last season. Plus, Kendall doesn’t want Zach and his floppy hair and lesbian kissing lips back in her life.  She says, they’ve both moved on. But have they?

What did you think of this week’s All My Children? What was your reaction to seeing Kendall?

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