10 Things We Learned About “Lost Girl,” Zoie Palmer & Boobs O’Clock at Comic-Con

Sorry, guys, there will be no sex, fights or anything remotely exciting in the fourth season of Lost Girl. Well, that’s what cast members said at Comic-Con over the weekend. But, somehow, I just don’t believe them. While our favorite bisexual succubus superhero was not present, cast and creators of Lost Girl attended the annual geektacular event over the weekend to give us some insights into the show and new season.


Zoie Palmer, Ksenia Solo and Kris Holden-Ried were all on hand for the event, along with series executive producers Jay Firestone and Emily Andras. The group were featured in a panel on the show, and conducted interviews throughout the event.

So what can we expect from Season 4? Palmer joked with TV Fanatic that:

We all die in season 4…. We’re going to go for boring for season 4. We did a lot of the thrilling stuff the first three seasons.  It’s pretty dry this year.

She’s kidding, kidding! Here are 10 of the tastiest, silliest tidbits culled from their various appearances.

072413lostgirl2Courtesy Ksenia Solo’s Instagram

1. Lost Girl will return Nov. 10 on Showcase. The show will move from its normal 9 p.m. timeslot to a later 10 p.m. slot. I don’t know if that means there’ll be more sexytimes, but we can always dream. Sorry, U.S. viewers, no word yet on when Syfy plans to begin airing Season 4 other than “early 2014.”

2. Season 4 will pick up where Season 3 left off. In a roundtable interview, Solo said not much time has passed and Bo is still missing at the beginning of the season. She said, “People will find that the show is very different right off the bat. It is a completely different feel and dynamic with Bo not being there.”

3. Tamsin will be back. But we’re not exactly sure in what form or for how long. Solo let slip during the Comic-Con panel that Kenzi gets to “spend some time with (Tamsin) in season 4, which is really fun because the dynamic changes.”

072413lostgirl3Courtesy Ksenia Solo’s Instagram

4. Kenzi may go Fae. While Solo wouldn’t say definitely, she said in her roundtable interview that Kenzi might try out a Fae power in the new season. She told reporters, “I think I’ve been the human long enough. It’ll be fun to maybe introduce something new she can use to maybe defend herself. I’ve already said too much.”