Angie Harmon on wearing the pants and working with Jamie Babbit

TNT held a 25th anniversary party during the Television Critics Association summer conference last night and Angie Harmon stopped by to pose on the red carpet and answer some of our questions. Since this week’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles was directed by Jamie Babbit, the show’s star told us a story about working with the out director.

“She’s really fabulous, really really fabulous,” Angie said. “As a matter of fact, there was a scene, I think a yoga scene, I’d just gotten like a—I don’t know—maybe it was the kale, I’m not sure. Apparently there was some kale incident and I was so nauseous at that point, it was like ‘Quick, shoot it before she has to go home’ kind of thing. But Jamie kept going ‘OK so just lean over’ and “Yeah no that’s not the part that’s conducive to what I’m feeling at the moment” And she kept making us do it. On my face I was like ‘Jamie, I swear I’m going to get you for this.’ And she’s like ‘OK, action!’ No but she really is fun. She’s a wonderful director, she communicates well, she knows the story, she knows her information and that’s a necessary thing. You have to have a director that’s going to talk to you. You absolutely have to.”

TNT's 25th Anniversary Party - Arrivals

Angie was recently on Conan where she bemoaned the fact she’s always “the man” in Gayzolli fan fiction, which could have to do with the fact she wears a lot more pants than co-star Sasha Alexander.

“It’s not just pants. Let’s talk about that for a second. Those are not just pants,” Angie said. “That is a pressed slack.”

She also said she’s tried to femme Jane Rizzoli up a bit, but outside of a recent episode’s skirt, “it really doesn’t go with the character.”

“Our sweet wardrobe man brought in like a Gucci suit. ‘Let’s put this on her – just tailor it.’ I put it on and it was so elegant and fabulous and it was like ‘Really? Really? We can’t. It doesn’t work,'” Angie said. “And it’s my job as an actress to stay true to the character and I love doing that but it is getting fun sort of poking fun at it.”


She did admit that sometimes the show has asked her to do some things she hasn’t agreed to, but wouldn’t mention any specifics. Instead she made a face.

“Every now and then, the scripts… [pause] Yeah, no I don’t have an answer for that. Was it too obvious?” Angie said, laughing. “Ehh nevermind.”

Let your imaginations run wild!