Jordana Brewster says “D.E.B.S.” could be resurrected

Queer women have stuck with Jordana Brewster through all phases of her career, from co-starring with Clea DuVall in The Faculty to her current role on Dallas. But it was her role as Lucy Diamond in out director Angela Robinson‘s film D.E.B.S. that really gave her a permanent place on our annual Hot 100 list. “I really appreciate that,” Jordana said at a TNT party at the TCA Summer Session. “I love being on your list and I love ya’ll back!”

Jordana, who also appeared in the latest Fast and the Furious film, delivered some great news: Lucy Diamond could be coming back soon. “I just had coffee with Angela and we were talking about how we could resurrect D.E.B.S. It was such a fun project and I love Angela so much,” she said. It’s been almost 10 years since D.E.B.S. came out with Jordana and Sara Foster‘s star-crossed love story at the center. The film followed Amy (Foster) and her spy girl classmates as they tried to track down and kill criminal mastermind Lucy Diamond. Unfortunately (or fortunately), Lucy finds Amy first, and they fall for one another. At the time, Jordana was still fairly new on the scene, having done a lot of daytime TV work on All My Children and As the World Turns. Meeting Angela Robinson has proven to be a career-changer for her, one she’s happy to continue. “I loved the project and I loved the role and I loved Angela and I totally trusted her and I knew it wasn’t going to be—I think when you play anything racy you’re worried it’s going to be gratuitous,” Jordana said. “I just trusted her completely.”

Angela, who is currently a writer on True Blood, briefly worked with Jordana again on the 2010 series Gigantic, but their coming together again for a D.E.B.S. sequel would be something fans would be thrilled about, including Jordana herself who loves Lucy Diamond “100 percent.”

“Angela’s a really amazing writer so whatever she has in her toolbox, I would love to do something else with her,” Jordana said.

As for her D.E.B.S. costars, Sara Foster most recently appeared on 90210 as Jen Clark , Meagan Good, was on the short-lived series Deception as well as regularly appearing in films, and Devon Aoki gave birth to her second child in February. Hopefully they’d all be on board for a sequel, too, even though they aren’t school girls anymore.

In the meantime, Jordana can be seen on the soapy Dallas remake on TNT, which she thinks her gay fans can enjoy just like anyone else.

” There’s a lot of fun drama, a lot of backstabbing,” she said. “Good TV is good TV.”