“Push Girls” recap (2.10): “So how’s your sex life?”

Push Girls season 2 has finally wrapped. In the show’s finale our stars look back on their recent adventures and head full-speed toward their future, literally.

The time has come for Angela to take her driving test. She’s understandably nervous and is eager to have the freedom to go places without the assistance of others. Angela meets with a DMV test administrator (who is a little curt with her) and they head out for the road exam. Angela racks up seven errors on her test but she passes anyway. (That seems like a lot of mistakes.) When Angela returns home, the girls are waiting to celebrate her success. After hugs and cheers, Angela takes the girls for a joy ride in her new tricked out SUV.

Meanwhile, Chelsie and her father Jon meet with a representative at a publishing company named Pat. After seeing Chelsie’s feature in Seventeen magazine, Pat explains her company wants to team up to write a fictional book about Chelsie’s life. Chelsie isn’t sure if she wants to go through with it because she’s concerned she won’t be shown in a positive light. Pat insists that the story will be uplifting and ensures Chelsie that she’ll like the final product. Then Pat drops the bomb that the company wants to hire a debut novelist to write the book, which Chelsie isn’t thrilled about.

Chelsie says, “I mean, isn’t it better if they have a record?” Chelsie’s dad is also wary about working with a new writer.

After their meeting, Chelsie takes a moment to discuss the book deal with her father. Moments later Pat rejoins them and Chelsie shakes her hand and says they have a deal.

Now over to Auti and Eric, who are meeting with their therapist. Even after a few setbacks these two are committed to making their marriage work.  Eric says, “I love Auti and I’m in it for the long haul.”

Then the therapist asks, “So how’s your sex life?” Eric and Auti just stare at each other and don’t say anything. (Actually they probably did respond but it just didn’t make it into
the episode.)

Now that things are back on track with her marriage,  Auti and Angela go shopping at the Los Angeles sex shop The Pleasure Chest. Auti wants to rev up Eric’s libido. The girls wander around the shop testing out vibrators (with their hands only) and sort through the store’s costumes. Auti explains, “When I get home, Eric better watch out because boy do I have a few tricks up my wheels.” And Auti does not disappoint. Eric walks into their bedroom lit by candles and Auti emerges wearing a black mask. As the two start getting it on, the camera crew (thankfully) sneaks out of the room. What did you expect? This isn’t The Real L Word!

Auti tells us, “When it’s really good, it’s really good. Eric is definitely the one and the only one.”

Now that Angela has her license it only makes sense for the cast to head to a racetrack.


The plan is for the girls to drive around a half-mile track. Auti is understandably “scared shitless.” The girls have questions about their safety and are especially fearful of having a spinout. The instructor confirms they have spin outs every day at their facility, which is not comforting.  But with or without fears the girls gear up to head out on the track. They divide into two groups for a competition: Auti and Mia verses Chelsie and Tiphany.


They are all timed as they race around the track and the fastest team will wins. Auti and Mia’s team prevails but only by a few seconds. Angela gets a special treat since she’s a speed junkie. Angela is lowered into a racecar so she can be a passenger while a professional driver races around the track at a phenomenal speed. As the other girls cheer her on, Chelsie is freaked out by how fast the car is circling the track.

After a day of adventure, the girls pop some champagne and toast Angela and her new license.

The show finishes with a mini recap of what happened this season:

Angela’s divorced was finalized, she got back into modeling and (of course) she got her driver’s license. Chelsie is co-writing a book and is looking forward to the future, whether it includes her boyfriend Raymond or not. Tiphany is finally living on her own and her relationships with her mother and sister are better than ever. (No word on her relationship with her girlfriend Liz but I’m just going to assume that things are going well.) Mia and Barak are officially dating and Mia is dealing with her mother day by day. Auti and Chelsie’s friendship has mended and Auti and Eric’s marriage seems to be back on track.

What did you think of the show’s finale? To preorder Chelsie’s book go here.