“The Fosters”: Our Favorite #GaydyBunch Tweets from “Vigil”

When I started watching The Fosters, hell when I first heard the concept behind The Fosters, I hoped so hard that it would be good. I hoped so hard for a show that was full of heart and love. A show about parents, who are lesbians. Parents who struggle with things like how to discipline kids, and how to integrate exes, and how to navigate the world when it involves the care of tiny humans who need you, and how to do things like find time to tend to your relationship and have sex when everything revolves around those tiny humans. Also I wanted to show to hand me the moon because why not ask as long as I am asking for every other damn thing under the sun. This show has delivered. It has exceeded every expectation I had and if I can judge from your tweets this week, it exceeded many of yours too. Here are a few of the our favorites from this week.