“The Fosters”: Our Favorite #GaydyBunch Tweets from “I Do”


We may have started watching this show because we’re lesbradors and show us a lesbian storyline and we’re there. But we stuck around because The Fosters delivered more than we ever dared to hope for. It took on issues many shows wouldn’t touch with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole. It made some of us cry with it’s opening theme song. It made others connect with the characters and their complicated relationships with each other, with their parents, and with their exes. Whatever the reason you all connected to the show and came every week to watch and to tweet along (sometimes in all caps).  By doing so, you all helped keep this show alive by showing your love for Stef and Lena and their little brood. Thanks to you, The Fosters will be back in January with more stories to tell.

Here’s a thank you to all of you from the folks at “The Fosters”:

Alright let’s get to some of your tweets from last night.





























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