“The Bridge” recap: “Rio” and “Maria of the Desert” (Eps. 3 and 4)

Episode 3:” Rio”

A beautiful, old west style funeral process kicks off this episode. A rider-less horse carries Charlotte’s husband’s boot in tribute, as she walks behind.  A mysterious woman can be seen in the background, and one can’t help but think she has something to do with that damn tunnel.


Sarin in the water is to blame for the multiple murders in the desert, and the detectives speculate that the killer picked up the missing woman somewhere along the main road.  The FBI shows up because a kidnapping in now involved, which guarantees this investigation will be a good ol’ fashioned pissing match.

At the funeral, Charlotte’s stepdaughter simply drips with venom toward her. It turns out that her father left her dying mother for Charlotte and she’s not about to let bygones be bygones.


Apparently neither will the El Paso socialites who have attended the funeral. They practically hand Charlotte a bus ticket out of town when she expresses interest in volunteering for their committees.

Sonya and Marco show up at Steven’s trailer and discover the trash can full of burned women’s clothing.  Marco tries to break in, but Sonya insists on doing it by the books and requesting a warrant.  Marco looks a little disappointed.  Marco is also a little bit pissed off, because Sonya won’t drop the complaint against him.  Rules you know, she says.  Rules my ass, he thinks.

Back at the station, Frye does a bump of coke in the hallway (the hallway?!) before going in to meet Lt. Wade. Wade knows the killer is in touch with Frye and wants him to go directly to the police whenever contacted.  Frye wants to know what’s in it for him, of course.  Hot and fresh intel, says Wade.  With that assurance, Frye sets off to Juarez to dig a little deeper with the help of Adriana.

Charlotte sees the mysterious woman from the funeral, admiring her husbands favorite horse. She introduced herself as the woman from the phone and informs Charlotte that they are partners now.  Charlotte doesn’t want to talk about it, and as far as she’s concerned the arrangement is over.  Charlotte darlin’, I think you just ticked off the wrong lady.


In Juarez, Frye and Adriana try to gather more information for their story. Frye gets a call from the killer requesting a ransom for the girl in the desert.  One million, split four ways, by the four richest men in El Paso.  When Frye presses him for a reason, he tells him, dialectics.  Frye looks as confused as I do.  The late Mr. Millright is named as one of the four, and Charlotte comes into the station to let them know.  She speaks to Marco, who she fondly remembers from the bridge.

Marco and Sonya show up at Steven’s work and haul him in for questioning.  On the way out, he accidentally drops the picture of the girl from the other day. In the interrogation room, Steven continues to maintain his innocence and tells the detectives that he’s someone who helps people.  Sonya forms a sort of connection to him.  They are two people who don’t communicate like everyone else, and Sonya reads him like a familiar book.


The girl in the picture is his sister, and he’s got to find her. Sonya believes him and they turn him loose.  Steven travels to Juarez to look for his sister, and runs dangerously close to scary goatee dude (who’s name is Hector we later find out). Steven ducks into a tunnel before Hector can use his noose of horrific death on him.

Frye and Adriana are walking the streets of Juarez when a fight breaks out in front of them. A man is shot in the head in broad daylight, and Adriana grabs Frye and pulls him to safety. They take cover at her family’s home, where she can write the breaking news and Frye can drink beer and flirt with her sisters. Her mother asks if Frye is her boyfriend, and Adriana gives him the giant side eye. No, they are just friends she tell the family. She also asks her sisters to kindly “stop throwing their pussies” at Frye like they are trying to win a stuffed animal at a carnival.



The guy that Sonya slept with the night before shows up at the station. She’s appalled and tells him that she can’t have sex at work.  For some reason, he finds this enchanting because he asks for her number. Perplexed, she gives it to him.

Marco shows up at Charlotte’s house, who is drinking wine in the kitchen looking like an Ann Taylor by Night catalogue model. He asks for her help with the complaint lodged against him, since cops are saying he accepted a bribe from her.  She says of course, and for some reason, they have sex.


It’s weird, I know. After Marco leaves, Charlotte follows a mysterious noise out in the barn. There, hanging from the ceiling is her husband’s prized horse, Rio. Someone means business.

Frye is kind of drunk, per usual, and settling in to sleep on Adriana’s couch. After calling her home a dump, and insulting her in other various ways, he asks how the hell did she not end up like her sisters; pregnant and poor.She candidly admits she stayed away from boys. Frye is confused so she clarifies. I’M A BIG MO, she tells him. Those aren’t her exact words, but you get the gist. Being gay she tells him, saved her in a way.


Early the next morning, Sonya calls Lt. Wade to let him know a live video stream is being broadcast from the El Paso Times website. The video is of the young woman, Maria, tied up and left to die in the desert sun. They are running out of time.