Gina Gershon plays a lesbian again in “Dealin’ With Idiots”

Gina Gershon and Kerri Kenney-Silver play a lesbian couple in the new comedy Dealin’ With Idiots, and while they are part of a large ensemble cast, Christine Vachon is one of the producers of the film so it’s likely worth seeing. The premise: Jeff Garlin is a comedian named Max whose wife is played by Nia Vardalos. Together they have a very unathletic son who plays little league, which is where they meet Gina and Kerri, moms to a kid who plays on Max’s son’s team.


Reviews indicate there’s not enough of Gina and “the bickering lesbian couple” she’s half of, but any chance to see Gina improvise and play gay is reason enough for me to find this film, which is in select theaters and video-on-demand now.