The Top 65 Kick-Ass Female Fantasy Characters

56. Sabrina Spellman, Sabrina the Teenage Witch


It can take years to develop a craft, especially which craft is witchcraft. But Sabrina never let her lack of refined skills dampen her magical enthusiasm.

55. Kahlan Amnell, Legend of the Seeker

Kahlan Amnell

The Mother Confessor: Saving the world one Box of Orden and Book of Counted Shadows at a time.

54. Emma Swan, Once Upon a Time

ABC's "Once Upon a Time" - Season Two 

For a woman who found out pretty late in life that she was born in a fairy tale, Emma Swan sure has taken a shine to kicking the asses of mythical storybook characters.

53. Arwen, Lord of the Rings


She saved Frodo and saved The Ring long before she ever married The King!

52. Captain Marvel


That’s Major Carol Danvers of the United States Airforce to you.

51. Roxie Richter, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Sure, she has an inferiority complex because she’s shorter than Ramona (and also because Ramona was apparently only bicurious for her affection), but she’s still a half-ninja who has a master understanding of subspace and isn’t afraid to call out Scott Pilgrim for being a lazy ass.

50. Merida, Brave


The very first Pixar heroine with her own movie, Merdia is an unbeatable archer who is interested in winning her own hand in marriage, thank you very much.