The Top 65 Kick-Ass Female Fantasy Characters

49. Gertie, E.T.


She teaches E.T. to talk! She keeps him safe from the authorities! She helps him make it back to outer space! And she’s only five years old!

48. Belle, Beauty and the Beast


With a dreamy far-off look and her nose stuck in a book, she may be a puzzle to the rest of the world, but Belle is a library-loving, beast-taming princess we can believe in.

47. Elizabeth Swann, Pirates of the Caribbean


She possesses a sense of honor and decency and a moral center, and isn’t even a little bit intimidated by rum-soaked pirates and sword fights.

46. Dejah Thoris, John Carter


She’s sometimes relegated to the role of supporting damsel, but Dejah Thoris is very rarely in distress. She’s an adventuress whose main goal is to save her kingdom on Mars from occupation by the bad guys. (And with the help of Tim Riggins John Carter, she does it.)

45. Lois Lane, Superman


Lois Lane is more than Superman’s girlfriend. The intrepid Daily Planet reporter has (almost always) been a beacon of feminist sensibility in the very male-dominated world of superheroes.

44. Princess Bubblegum, Adventure Time


Yeah, yeah, she’s a pretty pink princess, but she’s also the science-loving, Korean-speaking, occasionally hot-tempered ruler of all Candy Kingdom. She’s also a super genius. In fact, sometimes answers are so simple that she’s too smart to see them.

43. Alex Russo, Wizards of Waverly Place


Her hobby is poking things with a stick. Just kidding, she’s totally a witch with a wand. One time she even had two brains in her head.