The Top 65 Kick-Ass Female Fantasy Characters

36. Morgause, Merlin


A bad guy? Yes. A bad-ass? Very yes. A formidable warrior, a sorceress, and a high priestess of The Old Religion. When she says, “The tears of Uther Pendragon have only begun to fall,” you know there’s going to be serious dark magic hell to pay.

35. Kendra Young, Buffy the Vampire Slayer


When Buffy Summers suffers a temporary death, who ya gonna call? Kendra Young. Friends, school, family? Psh. Kendra only has time for vampire slaying.

34. Galadriel, Lord of the Rings


She’s the mightiest and fairest of all the Elves of Middle-earth. The Lady of Light. The Lady of the Golden Wood. The Greatest of the Elven Women.

33. Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter


Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure. Also a treasure: Crumple-Horned Snorkacks.

32. Mona Vanderwaal, Pretty Little Liars


What’s that? You don’t think adrenalized hyperreality is a superpower? Say that to Mona Vanderwaal’s face. That’s what I thought. Bow down, bitches.

31. Morgana Pendragon, Merlin


She’s the darkness to Merlin’s light, the hatred to Merlin’s love, and boy is she ever an expert with a sword. And with magic. Oh, yeah, and she’s immortal.