The Top 65 Kick-Ass Female Fantasy Characters

18. Lauren Lewis, Lost Girl


A Yale graduate, a veteran of Afghanistan, a humanitarian volunteer in the Congo, a super genius scientist and doctor of the Light Fae. There is legitimately nothing Dr. Lauren can’t do.

17. Lucy Pevensie, The Chronicles of Narnia


Without Lucy, there’d be no Narnia. She’s the most faithful, the most valiant, and, frankly, the most adorable of all the Pevensies.

16. Astrid Hofferson, How to Train Your Dragon


She’s just an old-fashioned take it down with an axe and then lop its head off kind of girl, until she learns to ride (and love!) a dragon.

15. Pam de Beaufort, True Blood


She may smile too much and wear too much pink, but please remember that she can rip out your throat if she needs to.

14. Regina/Evil Queen, Once Upon a Time


You wanted to see your queen? Well, my dears, here she is!

13. Cara Mason, Legend of the Seeker


She doesn’t need to be rescued. If she wanted you dead, you’d be dead already.