Anastasia Phillips on the “Bomb Girls” movie and her new role on “Lucky 7”

When Lucky 7 premieres on ABC next month, some viewers might recognize Anastasia Phillips from her role as Tina Nolan on Skins, but AfterEllen readers will know her as Vera. The Bomb Girls star is part of the new series about seven workers  at the Astoria-based Gold Star Gas N’ Shop who go in on a winning lottery ticket and deal with the ups and downs of their windfall. Anastasia plays young mother Leanne Maxwell, who wants to help her daughter fulfill her dreams.

2013 Television Critics Association's Summer Press Tour - Disney/ABC Party

Anastasia talked with us during TCA last week and said she couldn’t give us too much information on the Bomb Girls movie, because it’s just too soon to tell.

“There’s nothing that I would feel right about putting out there that’s actually fact yet ,” she said, “so I’m going to have to take a vow of silence.”

Since she’s now a regular on a network TV show, I asked how she could find the chance to be a part of the BG film, but she assures me she’d make the time.

“I don’t know how exactly but I’m hopeful that there will be and where there’s a will there’s always a way,” Anastasia said. “I wish I had more that I could tell you.”


Anastasia said she’s still close with her Bomb Girls co-stars, and she had dinner with Jodi Balfour (Gladys) the night before in L.A.

“We are all such good friends,” she said. “I got married last year and all of them attended my wedding. It was just an extremely special time in the female camaraderie. There was a weekend where a bunch of us went to New York and I remember going to farmers markets, cooking beautiful meals, talking about life, talking about love, talking about our dreams—and those are the things that I will cherish forever.”

As for what Bomb Girls fans might appreciate about Lucky 7, it’s an ensemble show that’s about all kinds of different characters that we don’t see often on television. Based on British show called The Syndicate, Lucky 7’s cast includes Matt Long as Matt Korzak, who has a pregnant girlfriend named Mary (Christine Evangelista); Stephen Louis Grush, Matt’s brother and an ex-con who owes a “dangerous debt”; Summer Bishil as Samira, a second-generation Pakistani immigrant and musician who dreams of going to Juliard; Lorraine Bruce as cashier Denise Dibinksy, trying desperately to lose weight and save her marriage; Isiah Whitlock, Jr. as store manager Bob Harris, who wants to buy the gas station and make life better for everyone who works there; and  Luis Antonio Ramos as Antonio Clemente and Alex Castillo as his wife, Bianca, who want to give their three kids a whole new life. No one is more deserving or in need than any other—or are they?

ABC's "Lucky 7" - Season One

Conflict arrises from the beginning when some of the workers haven’t been contributing toward the ticket on a regular basis, and those who have are asked to vote on if they should be included in the winnings.

“I think probably the fact that all of these characters have a lot of grey in them,” Anastasia said. “No one is flawless, no one has it all together, no one has their life sorted out—it’s a real human piece. It’s character driven, much like Bomb Girls, and I think that’s wonderful. You tune into witness a little bit of truth, a little bit of feeling like you’re part of something larger than you, it has the same sort of spirit behind it. And I just feel like—I’ve been very fortunate because it seems like the projects I get to work on are touched by that magic. It’s really special. It’s really special in this industry.”

Lucky 7 premieres September 24 on ABC.