TV Alert: Kelly Brady of “City Girl Diaries” introduces her friends to her two moms


City Girl Diaries is a Sex and the City-style reality show that airs on Style Network, and this Sunday night one of the city girls, Kelly Brady, will introduce her friends to her two moms. Brady, who is the owner of a New York-based PR firm, grew up in San Diego with her lesbian moms, who divorced in the ’80s. She chatted with GLAAD about this week’s episode of City Girl Diaries — aptly titled “Bring Your Mom to Work Day” — and explained how proud she is to be the child of two women and how excited she is to share her story with the world.

About having to keep her mothers’ sexuality a secret because one of her moms was in the Navy (during DADT):

My mom loved my friends. She wanted all the kids at our house so she always threw me the best birthday parties and Halloween parties. She would bring in ponies, inflatable castles, and a Big Bird impersonator and have my friends come over. For Halloween she would turn our house into a haunted house.

Whenever I had a friend sleepover Karen, my mom’s new partner, would sleep in the guest bedroom so that none of my friends would suspect that she was Libby’s partner. I think this definitely annoyed my moms at times because almost every weekend I had a friend sleeping over. They went along with it to protect me and to protect Libby’s job in the Navy.

About why she’s excited to have her moms on City Girl Diaries:

I’m happy to share my story because when I was growing up I didn’t know anyone who was like me. I think it’s important for kids from same-sex families to realize that they have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. I felt very loved and nurtured by my moms. Unfortunately I know that being a product of a same-sex family is not something that’s universally accepted. I had to keep the truth about my parents a secret, but I was still bullied about it. I think a girl in junior high school accused me of having two gay moms. I was in the lunch hall and I remember being very defensive about it and bursting into tears. She was mean. I’m lucky that this memory was really the only one I had of being bullied. I am very proud to be the child of two moms. I don’t think any form of harassment from someone else could ever take that pride away from me.

You can check out Brady’s full interview over at GLAAD’s blog. City Girl Diaries airs Sunday night at 10:00 on Style Network. Check out a preview of the episode below:

Will you be watching this week’s City Girl Diaries?