TV Alert: “Interior Therapy” helps a lesbian couple makeover more than their home

Tonight on Bravo’s Interior Therapy, designers Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos try to help a lesbian couple redo their home. The episode, “Tough Girls,” introduces us to Danielle and Kenia, who want one of their rooms redone, but have very different ideas of what needs changing in their home.

It soon becomes clear that Danielle just wants to have control over everything in the house and in their relationship. Kenia wants to get married, and Danielle holds the fact that she is the owner of the house over her partner’s head.

Jeff breaks things down with Danielle and Kenia, which makes one of them break down in tears. But as you can see at the end of this clip, someone’s keeping a big secret.

Interior Therapy airs tonight on Bravo at 9 p.m. EST. Can’t wait to see if they redo that kitchen, and if Danielle pops the question.